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How to Maintain the Exterior of Your Metal Garage

If you own a metal garage then you already know its many benefits. Metal garages keep your vehicle safe from sun, rain, snow and ice. They also make the perfect storage space for your tools, lawn equipment and extra storage – not to mention, they make a great workshop for the do-it-yourselfer.

Another one of the benefits to owning a steel building is its incredible durability and low maintenance. Steel structures need very little maintenance and few repairs, despite the elements they face. By simply investing a little time into properly caring for your building it will easily last you a lifetime.  Here are some suggestions for keeping your steel building looking new and in tip-top shape:

Inspect It: Check your metal building at least twice a year to assess for any damage caused by harsh weather, an accidental bump from a vehicle, or other causes.

Wash It: When the metal panels begin to show signs of dirt and dust simply prepare a mild cleansing solution and then gently wash the building’s exterior using a low-pressure spray washer or a soft rag or sponge. Rinse the building thoroughly with clean water. Make this an annual habit, and you’ll have a metal building that looks as great now as it did the day it was built.

Repair It: Small holes or scratches might not seem like a big deal, but when exposed to the elements, they can grow into bigger problems. By promptly filling small holes and priming and painting scratched paint, you can stop further damage before it starts.

Bug Proofing Your Shed

Your shed is used for lots of things, but a rodent home it is not. Don’t let your metal shed turn into a pest motel. Stop mice, spiders, cockroaches and termites from taking over your space and causing damage to both the structure and its contents.

Bugs and rodents require food, water and shelter to survive, with sheds often providing a very favorable environment for them. Due to dark and sometimes humid conditions, bugs of all kinds find their way into metal buildings and sheds to make their home. Don’t make the mistake of inadvertently inviting bugs inside your storage shed by following these tips:

Take Out the Trash – Bugs love garbage. It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet. Prevent flies and spiders by keeping the trash cans outside of your shed.

Fill the Gaps – Inspect the shed’s doors, windows and exterior for any cracks, holes or any other points of entry. Use silicone caulk to fill in any small gaps inside your shed. Install weather-stripping around the door to help keep spiders and other insects out.

Tidy Up – Sweep, vacuum, or hose out your shed frequently. Vacuum up any webs, eggs or stray spiders and sweep up insects from the floor. Eliminating hiding places creates an undesirable home for pests.

It also isn’t a bad idea to have an exterminator come out once a year, or as needed, to treat and prevent any insect infestations.  Metal buildings in Louisiana are meant to store your vehicles, lawn equipment and garden tools – not bugs and insects. Keep your space properly sealed and clean in order to prevent unwanted occupants.