How to Choose the Right Carport

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A carport can be a very useful addition to your home as it will protect your car, boat or RV from being damaged by rain, sleet, snow, hail or UV rays. There are several factors to consider before purchasing a carport so you get exactly what you want and need. Here are some things to consider.

Carport Material

Carports come in aluminum, wood and metal. Wood is attractive, but has issues like rot and insect damage. Aluminum and metal are not affected by insects, are strong and stand up to the elements very well. To help you decide, contact a company that offers either aluminum or metal carports in Louisiana to discuss your options.


Decide how you will use the carport, especially if that is something besides car storage. Carports are versatile and can be used for entertaining, shelter for animals, or storage for lawn mowers, tractors, hay bales, and ATVs.

Building Permit

Find out if a building permit is required or local ordinances are in place that needs to be satisfied. Sometimes there are regulations that limit the size and location of the addition, like not being within a certain number of feet from the property line. Sometimes an inspection may be required after it is installed.


Since a carport is difficult to move, make sure you know exactly where it will be most useful. Before installation, know where underground cables and pipes are located. Make sure the carport will be on your property and is placed according to local ordinances.


Take a little time to think about the size you will need. Even if you have one car now, you may have two later on so think about the future. Width is typically 12 feet for one car and goes up to 30 feet for three cars. Length for one car starts out at 21 feet. For a boat, RV, camper, etc., a good rule of thumb is allowing 5 feet beyond the length of the vehicle.

If you are in need of aluminum or metal carports in Louisiana, New Deal Metal Buildings has a great selection for you to choose from. Visit to request a quote on your very own carport, garage, or other building today.

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